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Welcome to Blake Street

Your destination of choice: Blake Street Studios, situated in City Market, a beautiful cobblestone city block, in downtown Raleigh. City Market is a little island of creativity in the middle of an urban sea. Blake Street Studios offers an array of work from several artists, permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as Fathom the home of Au Courant Magazine.
Good Bye Fathom

Raise your glasses, art-fiends, for I bring tidings of great sadness. As of March 7 th, the Au Courant sponsored gallery, Fathom, had seen its final First Friday exhibition at the Blake St. Shops. I'd also like to say that we were forcibly evicted with extreme violence for some offense to stifingly conservative art sensibilities, but I'd be lying. Everyone in the gallery complex has been nothing short of incredible to us. From allowing us to host our Year Anniversary show in the main foyer, to keeping our shop open when none of us were available, and even looking the other way during our manditory-and-strictly-enforced streaking hour (company policy),

Blake Street Shops and Studios - 300Blake Street, Raleigh, NC, 27601 - Saturday, April 12at 3:00pm - 7:00pm

Blake Street Shops and Studios invites you to an afternoon of local creativity. Join us as we welcome ten local writers to share and sign their work. 

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